Medical Transcriptionist Training in Alabama

Choosing a career as a medical transcriptionist can create a future filled with potential.alabama There are many different companies and organizations looking to fill new medical transcriptionist positions right now. The demand for medical transcriptionists continues to grow, which has led to a wealth of benefits for those looking to pursue this type of career. A medical transcriptionist can also complete certification training and begin working full-time in less than a year.

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Medical Transcription Career Overview

A medical transcriptionist in Alabama possess keyboarding skills that are higher than average. This is a major part of the job as audio recordings made by healthcare professionals are turned into typed documents by an Alabama medical transcriptionist. Keyboarding skills work in unison with adept listening skills, especially since medical transcriptionists in Alabama are expected to produce professional documents that accurately reflect those audio recordings.

Medical transcriptionists are able to easily identify a plethora of medical terms, jargon and abbreviations. This is all done instantaneously as medical transcriptionists are capable of typing a word-per-minute average that is much higher than the norm.

Gaining a sound knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology, medicines, and proper health care documentation are all part of a medical transcriptionist’s training. That equips them with a foundation to carry out their job duties. Medical transcriptionists instantly recognize dictation that is specific to the medical profession. That also enables them to review and edit documents to ensure they are accurate in terms of content, context, consistency and clarity.

Health care facilities of all kinds are continually looking to hire new medical transcriptionists in the state of Alabama. Hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, and insurance companies are just a few of the places that employ full-time medical transcriptionists. The wide range of facilities mean that medical transcriptionists in Alabama are able to adapt to different environments.

Medical transcriptionists are able to work independently, since there is not always a source of direct supervision. They are capable of meeting deadlines and producing documents that are 100% accurate. Dependability and reliability are two more characteristics that are very common in Alabama medical transcriptionists.

Medical Transcription Certification Requirements

Medical transcriptionist certifications in Alabama are issued by accredited post-secondary schools. These certifications are typically a necessary requirement when applying for a medical transcriptionist job in Alabama. There is no Alabama statewide certification exam that is offered. Therefore, medical transcriptionists seek out training at vocational schools, technical institutes or community colleges in an effort to earn a certification.

Medical transcriptionist certifications in Alabama signify the completion of the required coursework at a particular post-secondary school that is accredited. Throughout these courses, medical transcriptionists will gain the necessary skills to work in this particular field. An Associate’s Degree with a specialization in medical transcription will also serve as an adequate form of certification.

Certification programs generally last one year while an Associate’s Degree takes two years to complete on a full-time basis. Both are equally acceptable by employers in the state of Alabama looking to hire new medical transcriptionists. A certification does not have to be renewed and will continue to serve as an ample job qualification long after it has been awarded. Medical transcriptionists who earn a certification immediately become qualified candidates to fill position openings in the state of Alabama.

Education Requirements

To begin medical transcriptionist education in Alabama, the minimum age limit is 18 years old. A high school diploma or GED equivalency is also required. One more requirement is to pass a drug screening and criminal background check. And while it is not required, a basic knowledge of MS Word and Excel is recommended, along with basic keyboarding skills.

Medical Transcriptionist Licensing Requirements in Alabama

The state licensing process affects a certain number of medical professionals, which can mean annual fees, renewals and a whole lot of paperwork when transferring states. However, medical transcriptionists do not fall into that same category. There is no state license required to work as a medical transcriptionist in Alabama. Certifications are recommended, although they are not considered to be a license.

Medical Transcription Job Prospects and Potential Pay

The average salary of a full-time medical transcriptionist in Alabama is $34,250 per year. That is just above the national average and there continues to be new jobs opening up in Alabama, which is a result of the booming health care industry. Top end medical transcriptionists in Alabama earn an average yearly salary that is upwards of $50,000. There also expects to be more job opportunities for medical transcriptionists in Alabama over the next five years.


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