Medical Transcriptionist Training in Connecticut

The time to make a career choice is at hand for many people. The good news is thatconnecticut worrying over the future can stop right now. Starting out a career as a medical transcriptionist can lead to a future filled with competitive pay, steady work and flexible hours. It’s fast and easy to start down this exciting new career path and it’s also one that won’t require years of training. The future is now for medical transcriptionists in an industry that continues to grow.

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Medical Transcription Career Overview

A medical transcriptionist in Connecticut handles the task of taking audio recordings made by health care professionals and converting them into professional documents. The process begins by using active listening skills to identify medical terminology used in the dictation. A Connecticut medical transcriptionist instantly recognizes that terminology and then uses advanced keyboarding skills to make a permanent record of the audio.

Throughout these hours of dictation, medical transcriptionists come across all different kinds of medical terms, jargon and abbreviation. That is where their broad knowledge base of medical terms, anatomy and physiology, medicines, and medical procedures come into use. A Connecticut medical transcriptionist also reverts to the proper methods of health care documentation.

In addition to the more technical aspects of the job, medical transcriptionists in Connecticut check for appropriate use of grammar and context during the reviewing and editing process. Some medical transcriptionists are asked to complete clerical work, assist with billing records or make records of vital health information. A broad range of skills enables Connecticut medical transcriptionists to complete a variety of job assignments.

The typical Connecticut medical transcriptionist adheres to deadlines and is capable of completing work assignments without requiring direct supervision. Possessing the ability to work independently is what allows some medical transcriptionists to work from home and sometimes create their own hours. Dependability, promptness and accuracy are three more common characteristics of a medical transcriptionist in Connecticut.

Medical Transcriptionist Training and Education Requirements

The minimum age to become a Connecticut medical transcriptionist is 18 years old. In order to start out a future in this career, a high school diploma or GED equivalency is also required. Connecticut medical transcriptionist education additionally requires new enrollees to pass a drug screening and criminal background check. It is also useful for prospective students to have some basic keyboarding skills.

Medical Transcriptionists Licensing Requirements in Connecticut

Working medical transcriptionists do not need to hold a state license in Connecticut. Throughout the medical transcriptionist education process, there is no need to deal with the state to satisfy any type of job qualifications. It is recommended that Connecticut medical transcriptionists earn an accredited certification, although that certification does not double as a license.

Medical Transcription Certification Requirements

The most common path to becoming a Connecticut medical transcriptionist begins at an accredited post-secondary school. An accredited Connecticut vocational school, technical institute or community college offers medical transcriptionist programs that prepare students to work in this profession. A certification is earned upon the completion of the required coursework set forth by these various post-secondary schools.

Coursework varies slightly at each post-secondary school, although the core of each curriculum is basically the same. Medical transcriptionist job-related skills are taught so that students are well-versed in keyboarding, health care documentation, medical terminology and more. Holding a certification is essentially a way of showing prospective employers that a medical transcriptionist is ready to handle all of the required job duties.

An Associate’s Degree with a focus on Medical Transcription is considered another type of certification. This option requires more coursework in other core classes, but still teaches the skills that are utilized by a Connecticut medical transcriptionist. An Associate’s Degree typically takes two years to complete, which is twice as long as most medical transcriptionist certification programs in Connecticut.

Certifications are usually the most important credential employers look for when hiring new employees. Non-certified medical transcriptionists are often passed over in the hiring process in favor of applicants who have earned a certification from an accredited post-secondary school.

Job Prospects and Potential Pay in Connecticut

The average salary of a Connecticut medical transcriptionist is $42,470 per year. That is one of the highest average salaries among medical transcriptionists anywhere in the country. Some experienced medical transcriptionists working on a full-time basis in Connecticut earn more than $56,000 annually. The health care industry continues to expand in Connecticut, which expects to open up more future job opportunities for medical transcriptionists in the state.


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