Medical Transcriptionist Training in Washington D.C.

A future as a medical transcriptionist can mean an exciting new career that provides adc wealth of stability for the future. The health care industry is showing no signs of slowing down while providing more job opportunities in all kinds of settings. Medical transcriptionists are in demand as they provide a valuable skill that is needed each and every day. It also does not take years of schooling to get started on a medical transcriptionist career that offers very competitive pay, job security, independence and work hours that are very flexible.

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Medical Transcriptionist Career Overview

The life of a Washington, D.C. medical transcriptionist brings together a vast amount of skills to produce professional documents, which play an important role in the medical industry. These skills are used to convert audio recordings into professional documents and reports. Medical transcriptionists are assigned the task of taking a health care professional’s recorded dictation and creating documents that contain every word of that audio.

To guarantee 100% accuracy, Washington, D.C. medical transcriptionists possess above-average keyboarding skills that are combined with top-level active listening skills. However, this line of work takes more than just top-notch listening and typing skills. It also requires a sound knowledge base of medical terminology and knowing the proper guidelines for health care documentation. Medical transcriptionists identify numerous medical terms, abbreviations and jargon instantly. This skill is attained through learning basic anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, various medicines, and the essentials of medical procedures.

Hospitals, diagnostic labs, medical centers, and private practices are just a few of the places that require the services of a medical transcriptionist in Washington, D.C. Some medical transcriptionists elect to work from home while others find work with private transcription companies and insurance agencies.

The growth of the health care industry has led to an ongoing demand for medical transcriptionists and those professionals share certain characteristics. The volume of the work demands that medical transcriptionists in Washington, D.C. be reliable, accurate and accountable. Short deadlines are often issued and expected to be met with 100% accuracy. The sheer nature of the job also calls for medical transcriptionists to be independent and capable of completing assignments with limited instruction.

Medical Transcriptionist Certification

There is no need for medical transcriptionists to apply to any statewide medical board when seeking out a certification. Washington, D.C. medical transcriptionists can obtain a certification by completing a program at a post-secondary school. There are several programs to choose from as vocational schools, community colleges and technical institutes all offer medical transcriptionist training that culminates with the awarding of a certification. Tuition costs at these post-secondary schools are also very reasonable.

Most of these medical transcriptionist programs last approximately one year, with some finishing up in just nine months. Once a certification has been earned, it can be used to apply for job openings throughout Washington, D.C. A certification is not required to work as a medical transcriptionist, although health care facilities rarely hire non-certified applicants. Most job listings consider a medical transcriptionist certification to be a top priority.

An Associate’s Degree with a specialization in the area of medical transcription is also an acceptable form of certification. That degree or an accredited certification are both evidence that a medical transcriptionist is prepared and fully trained to begin a career in the Washington D.C. health care industry.

Medical Transcription Licensing Requirements in Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. does not require its medical transcriptionists to hold any type of license. That makes for a simpler process as there is no need to fill out an application, pay any fees, or worry about any annual renewals. There are also no indications that a license will eventually be required to work as a medical transcriptionist in Washington, D.C.

Education Requirements

A high school diploma or GED equivalency is required to begin an education as a medical transcriptionist in Washington, D.C. There is also a minimum age requirement of 18. New medical transcriptionist education candidates must pass a drug test while also undergoing a criminal background check. The use of basic keyboarding skills and a knowledge of MS Word are not required, but are considered a benefit among new enrollees.

Medical Transcriptionist Job Prospects and Potential Pay in D.C.

Washington, D.C.’s average annual medical transcriptionist salary of $50,630 is higher than any other state in the United States. The maximum earning potential for experienced medical transcriptionists exceeds $60,000 as the District of Columbia is an area where there is a lot of money to be made. Job prospects continue to grow with the expansion of the health care industry in the Washington, D.C. area, making medical transcriptionists a very sought-after group of professionals.


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