Medical Transcriptionist Training in Georgia

Beginning a career in the medical profession does not always take years of schooling thatgeorgia is loaded with high tuition costs. A career as a full-time medical transcriptionist can begin in less than a year. The health care industry expands more and more every day, bringing about an ongoing need for medical transcriptionists. That means steady work, competitive pay and a stable future for those who decide to become a medical transcriptionist.

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Medical Transcription Job Outlook

Georgia medical transcriptionists frequently work in a vast array of settings, which include hospitals, doctors’ offices, medical centers, diagnostic labs, nursing homes and more. Some medical transcriptionists work from home while others are employed by insurance companies and professional transcription services. This is proof that a Georgia medical transcriptionist’s skill set is appealing to a good portion of the health care industry.

Whenever there is a need to transfer audio recordings into documents, medical transcriptionists step in and put their skills to work. Doctors and health care professionals often dictate reports, summaries, examinations and much more over the course of their workday. That audio recording is then given to a Georgia medical transcriptionist, so that it can be turned into a document.

Creating those documents requires active listening skills, keyboarding skills, a broad knowledge of medical terminology and the proper methods of health care documentation. Georgia medical transcriptionists utilize all those skills simultaneously.

In order to perform all of those tasks, medical transcriptionists in Georgia possess a strong oral and written comprehension. Speech recognition is also above average along with an acute attention to detail. Georgia medical transcriptionists review and edit documents, while thoroughly checking them for spelling, grammar, clarity and consistency.

Those who hold the distinction of medical transcriptionist in Georgia are reliable, accountable, independent and punctual. One of the main reasons many medical transcriptionists work their own hours without direct supervision is that they have the capacity to meet deadlines and deliver documents with 100% accuracy.

Medical Transcription Certification Process in Georgia

Medical transcriptionists in Georgia have options when it comes to obtaining a certification. There are a large selection of post-secondary schools that offer medical transcription programs, such as vocational schools, technical institutes and community colleges. However, it is important to make sure that a specific post-secondary school is accredited, or else it could completely nullify a certification.

Accredited certification programs in medical transcription last anywhere from nine months to a year on average. During that time, all the job-related duties are taught by instructors who have years of experience working as medical transcriptionists. A good portion of the coursework covers medical terminology, health care documentation, keyboarding, and anatomy and physiology.

Certifications are used for the purpose of gaining employment as it is proof that applicants have accumulated the required skill set to work as a Georgia medical transcriptionist. Companies rarely hire new medical transcriptionists without an accredited certification.

An Associate’s Degree that specializes in medical transcription from a university or college is another acceptable form of certification. This option is attainable in two years, presuming that students are enrolled on a full-time basis.

Job Prospects and Potential Pay in Georgia

The average annual salary of a Georgia medical transcriptionist is $33,120. Medical transcriptionists who have accumulated more experience have the potential to make upwards of $50,000 annually in the state of Georgia. The number of medical transcriptionists in Georgia continues to grow as the job increase over the next decade is expected to be more than 14%.

Medical Transcription Certification Process

The state of Georgia issues licenses to many medical professionals, although medical transcriptionists do not fall into that group. There is no license needed to work as a medical transcriptionist in Georgia. That removes the responsibility of having to apply for a license and then renew it in subsequent years. It is also important to note that medical transcriptionist certifications in Georgia do not qualify as a state license.

Medical Transcriptionist Training and Education Requirements

Medical transcriptionist education in Georgia cannot begin until an individual is at least 18 years of age. Education requirements in Georgia also demand that a drug test and criminal background screening be passed. A high school diploma or GED equivalency must be earned before an individual can start the educational training that prepares them for a future as a Georgia medical transcriptionist. A basic knowledge of MS Word and Excel is helpful in medical transcriptionist education, along with having some basic keyboarding skills.


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