Medical Transcriptionist Training in Nebraska

If you are looking to make a new career move in the state of Nebraska, then it’s good tonebraska know you have the option of entering a profession that in high demand while also offering competitive pay. Medical transcriptionists have the option of working for a variety of different health care services and the growth in that industry has opened up a long line of jobs in Nebraska. Medical transcriptionists also have the option of creating their own work hours.

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Medical Transcription Job Overview in Nebraska

Nebraska medical transcriptionists are relied upon to convert audio medical recordings into typed documents. Physicians and health care professionals routinely record valuable information that needs to be put into a document form. A medical transcriptionist fulfills that growing need. A Nebraska medical transcriptionist is able to utilize a variety of skills in order to complete such tasks.

The first of those skills is listening, which includes being able to decipher different medical terms. Medical transcriptionists in Nebraska receive training in medical terminology and are also well-versed in anatomy and physiology. Those skills are combined with advanced keyboarding skills. Transcriptionists are schooled in the art of keyboarding so that they are both quick and efficient.

A Nebraska medical transcriptionist can find work at a wide range of health care facilities. Hospitals, medical centers, doctor’s offices and nursing homes are just a few of the places that are always in the market for a new medical transcriptionist. When a transcriptionist is hired to work for one of those facilities, it does not necessarily mean they have to work at that actual facility. This career can often be done in the comfort of one’s own home, which means medical transcriptionists can make their own hours.

Medical transcriptionists are dependable and capable of meeting strict deadlines. A transcriptionist is also adept in transcribing emergency room reports, x-ray reports, patient histories, and summary discharges with a 100% accuracy rate. Reliability is another important characteristic among medical transcriptionists as they are entrusted with important and, sometimes, rather sensitive information. Nebraska medical transcriptionists are multi-skilled individuals, who develop a careful attention to detail along with a highly dependable reputation.

Medical Transcription Training and Licensing Requirements in Nebraska

There is no state license needed to work as a medical transcriptionist in Nebraska. Unlike other medical workers, there is no need for medical transcriptionists to apply, renew, or pay any annual fees in the state of Nebraska. State health care facilities have their own screening processes when hiring medical transcriptionists, although licensing is not a part of the criteria needed to obtain employment.

Job Prospects and Potential Pay in Nebraska

The average yearly salary of a medical transcriptionist in Nebraska currently stands at $34,680. Meanwhile, top-end medical transcriptionists in Nebraska are capable of earning more than $45,000 per year. The annual salary average has been steadily rising in Nebraska and salaries have been averaging over the $41,000-mark in metropolitan areas, such as Lincoln. The demand for more medical transcriptionists in Nebraska has also been on the rise each year.

Medical Transcriptionist Education Requirements

It helps for medical transcriptionist education candidates to have some basic keyboarding skills and a general knowledge of Microsoft Word and Word Perfect. Candidates are also required to be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED equivalency. Candidates are generally asked to pass a criminal history check as well as a drug test.

Medical Transcription Certification Requirements in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska does not issue a state medical transcription certification, although some type of training and coursework is needed to obtain a medical transcriptionist position. That type of training and course work is available through various colleges and universities. An Associate’s Degree in Medical Transcription will equip candidates with the necessary skills to begin a career as a medical transcriptionist.

Nebraska is also home to a variety of post-secondary institutions which offer a one-year program in Medical Transcription. These institutions award certificates upon graduation and they can then be used to gain employment at a Nebraska Health Care facility.

None of these certifications are not required, but highly recommended in order to attain a job in the medical transcription field in Nebraska. Ongoing education is available at local universities while nationally-recognized organizations offer medical transcription certifications that are awarded upon earning a passing grade on their respective exams. These are also not mandatory to gain employment in Nebraska. However, more certifications always increase the chances of being hired as a medical transcriptionist in Nebraska.

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