Steps to Become a Medical Transcriptionist in Rhode Island

There is a growing need for medical transcriptionists as it is a respected job that requires a rhode-islandskill set which is very important to the health care industry. Medical transcriptionists make valuable contributions and are rewarded with steady work, competitive pay and flexible hours. Medical transcriptionists can work for all different kinds of health care facilities and some even work out of their own home. Selecting a future as a medical transcriptionist is one that is inexpensive and easy to begin.

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Overview of a Medical Transcriptionist in Rhode Island

A Rhode Island medical transcriptionist’s primary job function is to turn audio recordings into typed documents. These recordings are made by health care professionals and then distributed to medical transcriptionists, who are responsible for converting them into a printed form. However, there is more to this job than just listening and typing. There is also the need to understand a vast amount of medical terminology, jargon and abbreviations.

A Rhode Island medical transcriptionist listens carefully to the dictation and interprets all of the medical terms. Medical transcriptionists are also computer literate and know how to operate the specific software and dictation equipment used in this profession. The keyboarding skills of a Rhode Island medical transcriptionist feature both speed and accuracy. This combination of skills has led to a high demand for medical transcriptionists.

The workplace for a medical transcriptionist in Rhode Island extends to a variety of settings. Hospitals, diagnostic labs, physicians’ offices and nursing homes are just a few of the facilities that require the service of a medical transcriptionist. There are also agencies that provide medical transcription as well as opportunities to work from home. Medical transcriptionists can even work a part-time schedule or use it as a second source of income.

Professional Rhode Island medical transcriptionists all possess similar qualities. All are considered to be reliable, accurate and capable of meeting deadlines. A level of trust and professionalism have become synonymous with medical transcriptionists in the state of Rhode Island.

Education Requirements

Rhode Island residents looking to begin a career as a medical transcriptionist must be at least 18 years old. They must also have earned a high school diploma or GED equivalency. Drug tests and criminal background checks are conducted on candidates prior to the start of their Rhode Island medical transcriptionist training. It is also recommended that candidates have some basic keyboarding skills and a basic knowledge of MS Word and Excel.

Job Prospects and Potential Pay

The annual salary of a medical transcriptionist in Rhode Island averages out at $40,500 per year. Larger cities, such as Providence, offer an average annual salary that is a little higher than the state average. More experienced medical transcriptionists throughout Rhode Island routinely earn more than the average statewide salary. Rhode Island’s average salary for medical transcriptionists is also significantly higher than the national average salary. Job prospects have recently been on the rise, with new health care facilities opening up throughout Rhode Island.

Rhode Island License Requirements

Rhode Island has not established a state license for medical transcriptionists. Once a medical transcriptionist is certified by an accredited post-secondary school, there is no process that needs to be followed in order to gain employment in Rhode Island. When interviewing for a medical transcriptionists job in Rhode Island, employers will not ask to see any state license, but may ask for proof of certification.

Rhode Island Medical Transcriptionist Education Requirements

Companies looking to hire medical transcriptionists in Rhode Island typically require candidates to hold a medical transcriptionist certification. This certification can be earned by completing a medical transcriptionist program offered by one of the state’s vocational schools, technical institutes, or community colleges. These programs vary in length and usually range between 9 and 18 months in duration.

An Associate’s Degree in Medical Transcription also serves as an accepted form of certification. This degree generally takes two years to complete and includes an additional number of courses.

The training in an accredited certification program or college classroom teaches students the same principles. Coursework involves English grammar and composition, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, along with keyboarding instruction and computer literacy. The design of these programs aims to teach students all the skills necessary to fulfill the duties of a Rhode Island medical transcriptionist.

There is no mandatory certification issued by the state of Rhode Island. However, finding steady work usually requires some kind of medical transcriptionist certification from an accredited post-secondary school.


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