Steps to Become a Medical Transcriptionist in Vermont

Choosing a career that is in high demand can guarantee a stable, comfortable future. Thatvermont is just one of the reasons that a career as a medical transcriptionist is being embraced by many people looking to better their futures. Flexible hours, numerous job options, competitive pay and many other benefits are available to professional medical transcriptionists. Making this career choice is one that can lead to a stable future in which work is readily available.

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Job Prospects and Potential Pay in Vermont

Vermont is one of the highest paying states for medical transcriptionists in the country. The average salary of a medical transcriptionist in Vermont is $37,570 per year. Experienced medical transcriptionists in Vermont can earn an average salary that reaches $50,000 annually. There is currently a limited number of full-time medical transcriptionists working in Vermont, which means that job prospects are higher in Vermont than in other states. Entry-level medical transcriptionists in Vermont have the potential to earn significantly more money than they would in many other parts of the country.

Overview of a Vermont Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists in Vermont take pre-recorded dictation from physicians and turn it into medical documents. There is special equipment used in this process as well as a host of job-related skills that are learned through a medical transcriptionist training program.

Vermont Medical transcriptionists may also be asked to create drafts for medical publications or conduct research on the documentation of patients. In order to complete all of those tasks, a Vermont medical transcriptionist relies on a vast knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and diagnostic procedures. During the transcription process, there is a need to listen closely to medical terms, decipher abbreviations and type accurately. This all happens simultaneously, showing off a medical transcriptionist’s ability to multi-task.

Reviewing documents and editing grammar is another part of a medical transcriptionist’s job assignment. Transcribed documents are always expected to be free from grammatical and contextual errors. Documents are also checked thoroughly for consistency and clarity.

There is no one kind of work environment delegated to medical transcriptionists in Vermont. Hospitals, private practices, health clinics, and diagnostic labs are just a few of the facilities that require full-time medical transcriptionists. Some Vermont medical transcriptionists also work from home. Entering into profession provides consistent work on a full-time or part-time basis.

Education Requirements

Vermont has set forth a few mandatory requirements for those looking to start out a career as a medical transcriptionist. The minimum age to work as a medical transcriptionist in Vermont is 18. A high school diploma is also required and a GED equivalency is equally acceptable. A drug test and criminal background check are also conducted on individuals who are looking to begin their medical transcriptionist education in Vermont.

Vermont Medical Transcriptionist Certification Requirements

In the state of Vermont, it is rather difficult to acquire a medical transcriptionist position without some kind of certification. While there is no state-regulated certification, there are numerous ways to earn a certification that will meet the qualifications of Vermont health care facilities that are looking to hire medical transcriptionists.

The first step toward earning a certification is to find an accredited post-secondary school that offers a medical transcriptionist training program. Most vocational schools and technical institutes feature accredited programs, although it is always a good idea to double check. Many community colleges also offer medical transcriptionist programs. When these programs are completed, a certification is awarded. That certification is then used to gain employment in the state of Vermont.

Earning an Associate’s Degree with a specialization in Medical Transcription is another way of attaining a certification. This degree can also be used to meet the necessary qualifications set forth by most health care facilities.

These certifications are more than just something to put on a resume. It is proof that the necessary skills of a medical transcriptionist have been taught in their entirety. Ongoing education is available through the AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity). The AHDI offers examinations for certified medical transcriptionists to further their qualifications.

Vermont License Requirements

Vermont does not issue a license to those working as medical transcriptionists within the state. Employers will not ask for any kind of licensing, although most employers will require some form of certification. Licensing should not be confused with medical transcriptionist certifications. The installation of a state license in Vermont for medical transcriptionists does not appear as though it will occur in the near future.

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