Steps to Become a Medical Transcriptionist in Washington

Many people are looking for a rewarding career with job stability, flexible hours andwashington competitive pay. All of that can be achieved without undergoing years of schooling with high tuition costs. A career path as a medical transcriptionist has the capability of opening up a wealth of possibilities as it is a job that is in constant demand. Medical transcriptionists also learn a valuable array of talents that makes for a truly unique profession.

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Washington Job Prospects and Potential Pay

A Washington medical transcriptionist earns an average salary of $42,790 per year, which is one of the highest amounts in any state. Top-end medical transcriptionists in Washington can earn more than $60,000 annually. That kind of lucrative pay has made becoming a medical transcriptionist a highly sought-after career in Washington. There remains a high demand as more job prospects open up each year for medical transcriptionists in the state of Washington.

Washington Medical Transcriptionist Career Overview

The duties of a medical transcriptionist in Washington are not limited to just one area. The main job function is to transfer audio recordings into a document form via the transcription process. That begins with top-notch listening skills that are able to decipher all different kinds of medical terms. That skill is combined with the ability to type quickly and accurately. Medical transcriptionists in Washington learn valuable keyboarding techniques which are used on a daily basis.

Knowledge of proper health care documentation is necessary among Washington medical transcriptionists, who are also well-versed in medical abbreviations, medicines and basic anatomy and physiology. All of these skills work together to create a professional document that reflects the audio recordings of health care professionals with 100% accuracy. These documents include medical histories, pathology reports, emergency room reports and much more.

Medical transcriptionists are also adaptable and can work in a variety of settings. The job settings range from hospitals, diagnostic labs, and private practices to many other health care facilities. The work hours of a medical transcriptionist are also flexible. Some medical transcriptionists make their own hours while others do the majority of their work from home.

To fulfill all the obligations of a medical transcriptionist’s job, candidates must be dependable and capable of meeting deadlines. There is a high level of accountability since much of a medical transcriptionist’s work is done independently. That also requires the discipline to focus on the specific task at hand. Medical transcriptionists have come to represent an important component of the health care industry, providing a valuable service that utilizes a special set of skills.

Washington License Requirements

Washington does not issue state licenses for medical transcriptionists. There are also no specific licenses required anywhere in the state of Washington to work as a medical transcriptionist. That means there is no need to pay for application fees, or renewals every year. Medical transcriptionist certifications are often required to gain employment, although they are not classified as a license.

Washington Medical Transcriptionist Certification Requirements

A medical transcriptionist certification in Washington is earned by completing a training program offered by one of the state’s accredited post-secondary schools. These programs are available at community colleges, vocational schools and technical institutes throughout the state of Washington. Training programs cover all the required job duties of a medical transcriptionist and typically last one year in length.

Another form of certification can be achieved with an education that is a little more extensive. An Associate’s Degree with a concentration in medical transcription generally takes two years of full-time student status and requires enrollment at a college or university.

Many medical transcriptionist job opportunities in Washington list a certification as a requirement in order to be considered for job candidacy. There is no state medical transcriptionist certification exam in Washington that would require a passing score. Therefore, an accredited post-secondary school certification in medical transcription qualifies job applicants and assists them a great deal in the hiring process.

While different health care facilities list different job requirements for medical transcriptionists in Washington, holding a certification is one of the most common qualifications that is necessary for employment. Medical transcriptionists in Washington are not required to hold a certification, although its merit and value cannot be understated.

Education Requirements

The requirements to become a medical transcriptionist in Washington demand that a candidate be at least 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or GED equivalency. Candidates must also pass a drug test and criminal history check. Candidates must be prepared to conduct themselves in a professional manner and it is helpful to have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.


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