Medical Billing vs. Coding


Many people ask what is the difference between medical billing vs. medical coding? Medical billing is basically the reimbursement for work that has been done for the patient by the healthcare provider. Again, this is about obtaining the reimbursement for the healthcare workers that have been completed to the patient by the provider. This usually consists of the Evaluation and Management of the patient (EM), whether the healthcare professional did any procedures on the patient or not, they are evaluating and managing the care of the patient. Medical coding is the language in which the action is carried out. Medical coding is literally a code that the actions are translated into. Medical billers and coders work hand in hand as a team to collect statistical data and reimbursement. In some facilities or businesses you may have medical billers and coders that do both, this really depends on the business size or structure set up. So to review, the medical biller and coder professions overlap, but you could have an individual that takes on both.

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