What is Health Information Management

What is a Health Information Management Career?

Working on the health information management side of healthcare, is similar to working behind the scenes to help keep medical establishments running smoothly. Although working behind the scenes in a hospital, health information management are a pivotal part of the team, keeping track of patients information and records, keeping it secure in a quality fashion. This career helps benefit patients in many ways.

Healthcare Information Management Job Opportunities

Career opportunities are abundant in the field of healthcare information management the possibilities seem endless. The health informatics industry continues their efforts to transfer patient’s medical records to electronic, which has opened doors for numerous job openings in this field. This is a huge effort at the moment, a massive transition for the medical field.

What Types of Courses Would You Expect to Take?

 Health information management encompasses many different fields that make the healthcare industry work. General healthcare information knowledge, there are also business and management strategies you will need to learn, along with other technology skills you will need to acquire. Some pre-requisites would include biology, chemistry, basic computer skills and other developing technologies.

Top 3 Reasons to Pursue a career in health information.

  1. Job Security

Million new health care jobs.

  1. High Salary

Positions earning up to 85’00.

  1. Career Satisfaction

Behind the scenes health care heroes.