Allied Health

What is Allied Health?

Allied Health is a term that is used to describe different professions, typically: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, dietetics, social work and podiatry.

Allied Health Assistants (AHA’s)

The other part of the allied health workforce is allied health assistance, they are becoming a much bigger part of the fields workforce. An allied health assistant may work with any part of the recently mentioned workforces, to provide care and assist in what may be needed.

Where will an Allied Health Professional Work?

Allied health professionals (AHA’s) can work in a wide range of settings: hospitals, for education institutions, government sectors, charitable organizations, or legal system. AHA roles are really wide and varied, we are learning these allied health professionals are working higher and higher to scope of practice. As time goes on, allied health professionals are continuing to develop in all areas of the practice.

Allied Health Education

To become involved in the allied healthcare field in the past it was very common to attend a university and acquire a degree, we have now seen this start to change in ways. Now more and more we are recognizing many different ways you can there.

Allied Healthcare Assistant Role

The role of an allied healthcare assistant is a good opener to the healthcare system, gaining a really good broad understanding of how the healthcare system works. This role also exposes you to a number of disciplines, so it can definitely help you decide on what career avenue you may want to take within the field.

The Need for Allied Health Professionals is Only Going Up

The demand for roles such as allied health professionals is only increasing, particularly with an aging population within the health sector. Also as new roles grow for allied health professionals, we will expect to see further demand and increase over time. If you are interested in this career field, you may want to look into becoming a qualified allied health professional, it will give you an upper hand when looking for a job.